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MAG Agent's dream

2016-03-30 18:15:32 by Saitar

Just a random MAG-sized japanese schoolgirl.



Jesus is awesome. But you Krinkels killed Him. But was it the end?

I just want to ask you a one thing, Krinkels - to revive Jesus as a cyborg. To empower Cyborg Jesus with new powers, to give Cyborg Jesus more strenght, speed, durability, etc. He diserves a better fate than to be killed finally such a way he was killed.


My verses...

2015-06-24 16:01:27 by Saitar

The World is standing 
On the rope over the Abyss. 
I don't feel presence of God, 
Everything is just tightly entangled. 
I'm not a deity, 
My flesh will decay, 
My guts will feed worms. 
Maybe I even will not be the one, 
Who will hear the last human song. 
Like a blind Jesus 
In a deaf world. 
You are praying for peace, 
But I brought you a sword. 
Emergency Mode. 
Nothing will stop, 
The bullets will flatten. 
We all are bad actors 
In an old ancient theatre. 
The play is not over, 
But the theatre is burning. 
You will smell the ashes 
Of roasting souls. 
Shrines desecrated. 
There are no prophets. 
Time of poets is gone - 
We live in time of lawyers. 
We can feel not bad, 
But violence is rising. 
Minds full of the need 
In angels with rifles. 
The light is not good, 
The dark is not evil. 
There are few things, 
Which are scarier than Devil. 
Silence will stomp you 
Alone in the crowd. 
I understand everything, 
But my arms are bound. 
I can only pray, 
But my faith is melting down. 
When my dreams will die, 
The corpse will never be found. 

Ryouko Shizuki

2015-02-05 15:00:43 by Saitar


Lucy is Tricky
Nana is Jesus
Mariko is Tricky the Dragon
Bando is Hank
Kakuzawa is Auditor
His organisation is AAHW
Kurama is a high-ranked agent or sheriff
Saseba project is Nexus project
Grunts are grunts
Scientists are scientists
Clones with faces are ATPs/OBSVs
Faceless clones are abominations

What do you think about it?

Death of female A.T.P.

2012-08-09 03:59:34 by Saitar

Does it resemble that scene from Madness Combat 8?

Death of female A.T.P.

I was waiting for it since I saw Madness Combat cartoons and now it has been done! First normal canon Madness Combat game has released! I know about Madness Interactive but controlls in that game were awful and I always shut down my browser when I tried to pla that.

Now it's another story. Krinkel's game is really great. It's more than ordinary flash game but it's a fantastic action one. This is really addicting!
When I played it the first time i found that the control system of this game is simple and easy-to-use, but make you able to do awesome things like deflecting bullets and ninja jumps.
I love Hank very much because he is a badass character, real modern ninja! Thank you that you put him in game in his Consternation ninja outfit. I love old, classic Hank, not that big ugly monster with big red arm.
The gameplay of Nexus is really exciting, you are shooting and slashing, slashing and shooting, dodgeing and jumping. You feel like real Hank.

What I want to next?
I hope Krinkels and Swain will make a lot of interesting stuff. They know how to do their work and it's always realized in fantastic things. I want just to throw some ideas not like a specialist but just like a gamer and Madness fan.

1) I can see some bugs during the Zombie Mode. Why my teammates so often stuck like idiots doing nothing and waiting their death? Why are they sometimes so stupid and doesn't help each other? I want them to fight harder, to shoot more accurate and to be more effective combatants than they are now?

2) Balance. This is a serious issue of doing the game more interesting. It must be challenging, but walkthrowable. For example, balance between melee and ranger combat. In the Madness World medieval swords and axes are mixed with modern firearms. In that situations authors should create obious and objective reason of that (extremely effectiveness of melee and weakness of guns against some creatures, for example). In the arena the player uses some low-level melees before you save some money , then guns became the main type of your weapons because they're common among enemies. When the player has his M249 SAW bought, he uses it and forgets about melee till appearing of Golems and then uses swords against them. It's a nice idea to create units that requires player to combine melee and shooting.
Zombie mode really improved this situation. It made swords indispensable and really nerfed "unbalanced" machinegun because the player has no time to reload it in the middle of undead wave. Reloading of M249 SAW on advanced waves is a pure suicide and the played has to switch to melee. It also requires him to save ammo for zombie Golems. I know that in become uninteresting for full-upgraded dudes with machine guns to walk through waves before 40 on the normal arena (and they speak that this weapon is "unbalanced"), but now they can just enter the Zombie one. It's really more difficult even with M249 and Binary Sword.

I have some ideas to make swords more effective and useful on last level. Krinkels and Swain should make them more effective against TAC-Bars than guns. I want them to chop through it twice more effective than firearms and kill OBSVs faster than with my machinegun. I also want high-level perk that make player able to kill them despite of their TAC-bars (but high-levelled ATP/OBSV guys should be able to do it to that makes swordsmen very dangerous.)

3) Armament. Of course, I want MORE GUNS!
Especially Russian ones!
More machineguns (but with lesser than 200 capacity), some of them cheaper than M249, some are more expensive. And flamethrower as anti-TAC-Bar and anti-OBSV weapon.
Axe from antipathy, Claymore from Apotheosis and Chainsaw from Consternation.
I want some elements of "arms race" in the game when weapons became more and more devastating (even more than M249), but more expensive (some guns that cost 20 000, 30 000, 50 000 and even 75 000), parallelly the enemies became more dangerous and when early levels became too easy with new guns last ones turn into pure nightmare EVEN WITH MORE ADVANCED THAN M249 WEAPONRY!!!


2012-05-24 04:52:28 by Saitar

Hello everybody!
I'm very glad to enter this site! I think it's a very interesting place where everybody can find a lot of funny and exciting movies and games.
My name is Saitar (real name is Dmitri) and I live in Russia. I'm a great fan of and especially Madness Combat movies and games. Krinkels's animations are fucking badass!
I want to congratulate dudes who made Nexus Project madness game because it's fucking epic and awesome. Good work!
I love computer games like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, zombie movies and, of course, flash games.